Opening: Thursday, April 12, 2018 | 7pm
Exhibition: April 13 – May 30, 2018

Under the title Sanbaishan, Andreas Binder Gallery is showing new works by the Chinese artist Haiying Xu, who has been living in Germany for 17 years.

If the focus of her artistic work of the past years was on belonging to two different cultures and the combination of symbols of Chinese culture with elements of Western ways of life, her current works show an increasing return both in content and aesthetics to her cultural roots.

The starting point of this development is Haiying Xu's intensive examination of history and stylistic features of traditional Chinese painting. In 2016 she furthermore traveled for six month in South China and stayed, among others, in a small mountain village in Jiangxi province, near the Sanbaishan mountain. Impressed by the vastness and beauty of the landscape, she asked herself the question, why early Chinese painter were able to capture these moods in such a unique way.

Already in the Tang dynasty in 400 AD, Chinese painters dedicated themselves to landscape painting and let the lifelike representation of nature in the background in favor of the expression of the atmosphere.
Haiying Xu's orientation to the technique of this early ink painting is reflected in the current exhibition. Thus, not only oil paintings in the Western tradition, whose goals are the perfect representation of reality and the precise technical implementation of light and shadow, are part of the presentation. Rather, Haiying Xu uses turpentine and thinner in most of her paintings. By playing with these different states of aggregation, she achieves the same effect as the traditional ink painting, in which Yin-Yang is expressed in contrast of the male hard line (Yang) and the female soft, wet brushstroke (Yin).

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Haiying Xu
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