"J´ adore, sa ma fait pleurer"

Opening: Wednsday, June 6 2018 at 7.00 p.m.
Duration of the Exhibition: June 6 to September 8 2018

With the exhibition "J'adore, sa ma fait pleurer", Andreas Binder Gallery is presenting works by the Swiss artist Hadrien Dussoix for the third time. In two groups of paintings, Dussoix devotes himself with impressive casualness to the emotional potential of art in the mirror of art history and of a concept of art, that is supersaturated in discourse theory.

Writings in glaringly bright colors continue to dominate one of his series. The seemingly banal sentences he uses, are quotes from children's books, pop songs and films. And also user comments under youTube videos, such as "J'adore, sa ma fait pleurer" (actually: "J'adore, ça m'a fait pleurer"), cites Dussoix.

Impressed by the power and honesty behind such statements, which embody - in their formal deviation - a certain universal feeling, he now tries to capture and express comparable, unadulterated emotions in his paintings. Phrases and outlines break out of the canvas background due to the scratching of the black painted surface, reminiscent of child painting with wax crayons. However, beyond their true meaning, the radiant letters and forms refer not only to the limits of expression through language, but also to those of figurative representation. In some kind of "subjective formalism", Dussoix succeeds in revealing the poetic function behind the meaning of the words, far away from an informal aesthetic of the meaningless and in order to evoke emotions in the work of art and the beholder. His somehow naïve choice of color, form and technique lends his paintings something tragic and solemn at the same time;
they are both happiness and despair, but in particular they speak about love.

This consciously applied simplicity and directness, which always questions the gravity and
seriousness of the art-theoretical discourse and thereby opens up new aesthetic approaches to the emotion through art, is also reflected in Dussoix's geometric Radical but Classical series.

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Hadrien Dussoix
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