Opening: Thursday, April 27 2017 at 7.00 p.m.
Duration of the Exhibition: April 28 to June 17, 2017

In DELPHI_Essentials Philipp Lachenmann deals with the repertoire of expressions that is available to the artist. This is accomplished by a virtual return to the beginning of art, to the requirements and nature of the material itself.

As a consequence, the possibility arises to recode and repostulate the artistic mediums which often are stuck in conventions. In DELPHI_Essentials artistic forms such as sculpture, painting, photography and film are reduced to their basic elements and reflected on. At the same time single groups of works are contextually intertwined with each other in a way that they function as a catalyst that makes their peculiarities, components and outlines more apparent.

Eventually, by separating the artistic essentials and putting them back together DELPHI_Essentials can also been seen as a way of a self-dissection of the artist, who wants to disclose his means.
The basic starting point of DELPHI_Essentials is the single brushstroke, which is verbalized in the Mirror Paintings as spontaneous gesture as well as it is likewise eliminating handwriting in a conceptual way. This alleged discrepancy uses a productive process of alienation in order to give way to a meaningful irritation and an experience of sensuality.

The exhibition includes four groups of works: the MIRROR PAINTINGS, the SPLASH photographs, inspired by Moholy Nagy’s Telephone Paintings, MIRROR SANDBOX, the sculptural installation of a sandbox with iconic three- dimensional works; and the video installation DELPHI RATIONALE, which leads the viewer into an expanding space of thought dealing with the current ambitious project of discovering the origins of physical matter.

The title DELPHI_Essentials thereby refers to Delphi as place and oracle, referring to the origins of the conveyed (self-) knowledge and the center of the world. The relation to antiquity and its mythology furthermore imply the crucial themes of the exhibition beginning & translation and its wider meanings process of change, transformation, transition and echo.

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Philipp Lachenmann
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