"Dual Tones"

Opening: Thursday, June 22 2017 at 7.00 p.m.
Duration of the Exhibition: June 23 to September 10, 2017

Beauty, both inner and outer, seems to exist on opposite planes with different qualifiers. Outer beauty is defined by appearance and grace; inner beauty is a product of the mind and senses, which permeate the body and guide one’s actions. Yet, the physical is a product of the internal. One cannot exist without the other.

Placed side-by-side, the works of Eugene Lemay and Yigal Ozeri offer a clear vision of beauty's complexity as nothing other than tangles between the internal and external. Two years after Monochrome (Galerie Andreas Binder, 2015), the artists return with Dual Tones, marking new sympathies for color and the human figure. Color, however, is the vehicle that divides the superficial, serene beauty of Ozeri’s work with the chaotic, metaphorical beauty of Lemay's. Color is what guides the eye and allows the gaze to move smoothly over Ozeri’s photographic paintings. Color is also what abruptly disrupts the gaze in Lemay’s works.

If the sublime in painting is defined as one that evokes a sense of the grandiose, then both artists have managed to meld the real with the sublime. For Ozeri, the sublime evolves from the act of sharpening the person with immense detail, as if under a microscope, so that the model appears with idealized and divine beauty. By contrast, Lemay burrows deep into the membranes of his psyche to create painterly beauty out of the chaos within and ultimately produces visceral, gestural marks to represent the internal—the term orderly chaos comes to mind.

Galerie Andreas Binder
Eugene Lemay
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