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Opening: Wednesday, June 6, 2018 | 7pm
Exhibition: June 7 – September 8, 2018

With the exhibition game over, please insert coin, Andreas Binder Gallery is showing works by the artist Daniel Man for the first time.

Here, papercuts and mural paintings create a spatially bound and interacting artistic space.
Mans consciously used interaction between the different media is based on the maxim of thesis and antithesis, that is similar to the daoistic principle of yin-yang. Strong, nuanced colors are combined in both contrasting and harmonizing ways, while geometric forms are confronted with amorphous, organic structures. Abstraction meets figuration, text meets image, traditional craftsmanship meets StreetArt.

As conceptual as this basic approach may seem, it is not rationally determined. Rather, his works emerge in a kind of subconscious process, which the artist himself observes from the outside, and which ultimately determines the high degree of authenticity and immediacy emanating from his work. And in that way, even the conceptually appearing dichotomies, which are actually united in the artificial space, are not only the expression of an individual artist as a subject, but can also be seen as a mirror of collective social realities.

The translation of the wall painting into an institutionalized exhibition space can therefore be understood as a reaction of the graffiti artist to the loss of spatial and cultural orientation in times of global mobilization. Here he creates - albeit not temporally, but spatially - consistent artworks, that allow for pausing in a world of restlessness, while at the same time they are set apart from the mobility of the global art market.

However, the place itself remains the mobile reference point in all its contingency. The visualization of mobility as the actual constant of today's existence thus becomes the core of Daniel Man's art, that deals with space as art immanent, institutionally contextualized and a universal fact.

Galerie Andreas Binder
Daniel Man
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