"Everything else is now, now, now"

Opening: Thursday, November 24, 7 p.m.
Duration of the exhibition: November 25 2016 – January 30 2017

In the second solo exhibition of Anna Krammig, master student of professor Karin Kneffel, Galerie Andreas Binder shows the artist's latest works under the title Everything else is now, now, now.

Similar to Anna Krammig's earlier works, the main focus of the exhibition's paintings is not merely the objective. It is much more the fleeting sequence of an event, framed by time and space, which forms the actual content. It might be shades of trees on the walls of houses, traces of humans in an interior or reflections under water – it is always the transient or elusive that the artist tries to capture on canvas. This concern, in addition to the technical precision and ingenuity of her works, is also reflected in their constant oscillation.

Anna Krammig thereby plays with the inherent trait of artistic representation: the basic absence of the represented. Only by the non-attendance of the represented it can be portrayed. By placing trails leading up to the actual subject, Anna Krammig creates a space of presence, caused by the interaction between image and observer.

Everything else is now, now, now thus becomes an almost programmatic instruction for the perceiving of an art, which becomes the projection of the viewer's thoughts and associations by playing with light and shadow, planes and spatial depths, thereby allowing to express one's own present in painting. 

Parallels to poststructuralist theory, stressing the importance of the reader's abilities in the process of generating meaning, are no coincidence here. Hence, not only the exhibition's title is derived from a poem by Tomas Tranströmer*, also the artist herself has been occupied with the relationship between literature and painting for a long time; lastly in the context of her master's thesis, which she presented in Zürich this year.

Galerie Andreas Binder
Anna Krammig
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